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Ktm exc Yenkro adv lite

Ktm exc Yenkro adv lite

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This headlight and screen unit takes whats good about our main fairing kit but slims it down for the enduro bikes. 

The headlight assembly bolts to your triple clamps which keeps it compact compared to the frame mounted rally tower's.

With our easy to remove screen you can keep it on for the faster more open rides but remove it for the more technical enduro rides whilst still getting to keep the great lights.

Lighting is from diode dynamics and can come in either the ss3 sport or the ss3 pro  

The sports are a great light for your average use but if you want the best the pro’s are the way to go.  

The lights have a low beam cutoff when dipped then both units coming on when switched to high beam. 
These lights are currently not ADR compliant so are for off road use only. 

This setup also provides you with some extra space to mount a gps or phone and comes standard as a blank canvas so you can mount items where you want or if you prefer you can contact us we can come up with a custom solution to suit your needs including a rally racing nav setup. 

This kits bolts to the top triple clamp speedo mount holes and the front facing fender mount bolts on the lower triple clamp so it will fit any of the ktm husky or gas gas enduro bikes that are using the front mounted mud guard.


Please allow three weeks for completion after the order is placed. 

If you would like the product customised for your needs please contact us. 

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